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Innovative floorstanding unit with integrated Dolby Atmos speaker Aurora 900 AM
Your benefits at glance
  • Innovative floorstanding unit with integrated Dolby Atmos speaker for an uncomplicated cinema sound, certified according to Dolby Atmos guidelines
  • Two 170 mm woofers, a 170 mm kraft paper mid-range driver and a 28 mm Fluktus tweeter
  • Additional integrated coaxial speaker for Dolby Atmos with its own connecting terminal
  • Uncomplicated cabling and commissioning requirements –enjoy an immersive cinema sound like never before
  • Optimum components and exemplary workmanship

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True Atmos technology is being incorporated in Heco´s Aurora 900AM slim column speakers for the first time. The upward-firing coaxial speaker, which has been specially developed and certified according to Atmos requirements, uses the ceiling to generate the perfect spatial impression that film and series directors had in mind when mixing the audio. The Aurora 900AM allows you to experience a new sound dimension without compromise. And it does so without requiring complex cabling configurations or elaborate speaker assembly. 

It doesn´t matter whether it´s the front speaker or the innovative Atmos channel, Heco´s tried-and-tested and continually improved technology is present everywhere. Kraft paper cones in the bass and mid-range drivers are complemented by the unbeatable Fluktus tweeter. Two woofers guarantee a bass range that delves down to 25 Hz, while the 28 mm silk composite dome reproduces audio beyond 42 kHz in a distortion-free manner. The tried and tested connecting terminal, which allows bi-wiring and bi-amping configurations, is supplemented here by a separate terminal for the Atmos speaker. Uncompromising and intuitive. 
Heco´s Aurora 900AM combines an enthralling, enveloping cinema sound with a captivating, timeless appearance. The elegant column speakers are available in two finishes: Ebony Black and Ivory White. Elegant silk matt baffles in combination with matching wood veneers result in a timeless design for any living room environment.

Thanks to the innovative combination of floorstanding speakers and a Dolby Atmos-capable upfiring speaker, the Aurora 900 AM is the optimal solution for music and movie sound enthusiasts who want immersive surround sound with minimal installation effortn.“ (av-magazin.de 11/2022)

Technical Data
    3 way bass reflex
    91 dB (Main Speaker), 88 dB (Top Speaker)
    4 Ohm
    8.500 Hz (Top Speaker) 260 Hz, 3.300 Hz (Main Speaker)
    200/300 W (Main Speaker) 60/100 W (Top Speaker)
    25 - 42.500 Hz (Main Speaker) 50 - 35.000 Hz (Top Speaker)
  • Removable cloth protection cover with hidden magnetic
  • Bass reflex construction with airflow-optimised and screwed reflex tube
  • Solid construction using elaborated struttings
  • Front and top side in high-quality semi matte painting
  • Exchangeable metal/rubber spike tips for an optimum adaptation to the floor type
  • Solid crossbeams at the base with height-adjustable massive aluminium cone spikes
  • Elaborated phase and amplitude optimized crossover with high-quality components
  • Bi-wiring/Bi-amping-Option
  • High-quality aluminium connecting terminal with solid, gold-plated and capsulated screw connectors
  • 1 x 170 mm Mitteltöner
  • 2 x 170 mm Tieftöner
  • 28 mm Hochtonkalotte
  • 1x 125 mm Koaxial-Lautsprecher