About HECO


HECO is a brand name that represents a rich and long tradition in German speaker production. Ever since the day the company was founded more than 65 years ago, it has been committed to the uncompromising, high-quality reproduction of music in the home environment.

Back in 1950, HECO built the fi rst speaker chassis in series production, which, at the time, was an absolute innovation Another milestone in the company's history was the legendary "Type B130" compact hifi speaker in a six-liter cabinet. Thanks to this product, HECO had already established itself by 1965 as one of the fi rst successful speaker brands. A whole range of legendary speaker series has shaped the HISTORY HECO – German HIFI since 1949 image of this traditional brand to date.

In 1987, the company came out on top in a number of tests with its Superior and Interior product lines, attaining authoritative status as a result! Almost two years later, HECO marked its 40th anniversary by launching the fi rst Concerto Grosso - a hand-crafted and premium acoustic product! Just one year later, in 1990, the German speaker manufacturer became a trend-setter in the development of compact subwoofer/satellite systems.

In 2005, the company made the defi nitive leap in terms of securing its status as a premium speaker producer thanks to its Celan series. This exceptional series has won HECO a great deal of recognition throughout the industry. At the 2015 High End exhibition, HECO celebrated the world premiere of the new HECO Direkt. With HECO Direkt listeners can expect handmade, high-end, two-way speakers in a classic format. The latest development standards and technology, in combination with large bass-midrange chassis and high efficiency tweeters, result in an acoustic masterpiece, the likes of which will not be found anywhere else today. And the hifi world was not less enthusiastic about the new achievements of the design series: HECO Direkt Dreiklang and HECO Direkt Einklang. 2005: HECO developed the Celan-series 2018 - The new Celan Revolution is in the starting blocks to inspire HECO fans. The fact that HECO has reinvented itself time and again over the past years – spanning a period that has witnessed some of the most important developments in hifi technology – is a testament to the strength and enduring innovative power of the brand. German HIFI since 1949 – and still ahead of the times. 



It´s only the result that counts - this seemingly simple product philosophy has been pursued by HECO for decades to ensure its prominent position at the forefront of German speaker development. The objective is to produce a perfectly balanced, transparent and dynamic sound. HECO´s virtues: We spare no expense if we realise there is a potential for improvement - this goes for development, material quality and the use of technology. This has resulted in the continuous emergence of new concepts over the decades that have become milestones in the speaker industry. The fact that we continue to develop products with an unrivaled price-performance ratio despite this continuous development has been put in black and white by the trade press and our customers. We are proud of everything that HECO stands for - just like our customers

Tradition & High-Tech


The top-of-the range speaker „THE NEW STATEMTENT“ iss equipped with an AlNiCo midrange - which is very important for the naturalness and precision of the midrange reproduction. The midrange is the crucial region in realizing the goal of a natural-sounding loudspeaker. The reason for this is the high degree of sensitivity of the human ear, particularly in the vocal range.The finest solution is a combination of a high-quality paper cone with an AlNiCo magnet. AlNiCo (Aluminium - Nickel - Cobalt) is a material that can carry extremely high magnetic field strengths and has a high temperature stability. Music lovers especially appreciate the repeatedly referred to acoustic advantages in terms of dynamics and resolution. However, the extremely high price and, in particular, the difficulties inherent in the production of consistent AlNiCo have been responsible for it not being widely used these days.


The HECO laboratory has developed the Celan Revolution Fluktus tweeter for the fourth generation of its legendary Celan range. This tweeter is based on HECO’s tried and tested polyfi ber compound dome, which features a particularly SYMMETRY OF THE AlNiCo-COMIDRANGE Measurement of stiffness Measurement of magnetic fi eld Measurement of voice-coil inductance wide surround that increases its effective acoustic area at low frequencies and guarantees a particularly harmonious transition to the midrange. The Fluktus geometry developed by HECO helps to perfect the tweeter’s dispersion properties: Waves that are positioned in the aluminum die-cast fl ange with millimeter precision infl uence the sound propagation of the dome in certain frequency ranges and ensure optimum dispersion properties. The double magnet drive, along with distortion-reducing copper caps and the particularly low weight of the PFC dome ensure a high degree of effi ciency and an excellent resolution.


The “Kraft paper cone” is the high tech cone of the HECO midrange speakers and woofers satisfies the most extreme of acoustic demands. Music lovers often prefer the particularly natural sound produced by high-quality paper-based cones. Indeed, many of the legendary cinema and high-end loudspeakers of the past used paper cones for that very reason. It’s perhaps explained by the particularly good ratio between low weight and high self damping.Specific types of wood are pre-selected to provide this high quality pulp. Only Nordicpine timber has the required strong fibres. Other woods and cheaper waste paper are excluded because of their low strength. The pulp is then mixed with the addition of 5% German-produced wool fibres (6 - 12 mm long). During this process all of the fibres interlock to form a densely conjoined weave. This material is then pressed evenly into the conical form of the cone under high pressure. The result of this is a loudspeaker diaphragm with the desired acoustic properties for high mechanical loading. These positive attributes mean that the “Kraft paper cone” is used in practically all of HECO‘s loudspeakers. The long throw surround, highly durable voice coil and linearised magnet systems combine to guarantee maximum dynamic contrast and precision.


The multi-ventilated die-cast aluminium chassis have extremely well controlled resonance characteristics and as a result provide the utmost stability. They genuinely offer the best possible foundation upon which the powerful magnets and paper cones can perform. However, in a purely aesthetic sense the aluminium baskets also exude precision with their diamond polished surfaces hinting at the purity of sound the speakers can deliver as a complete system.