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In Vita High End in Reinstform What do you need for a perfect loudspeaker? The best components and the know-how to combine them perfectly. Exactly according to this recipe, the brand new In Vita series was created.
In Vita 3
The In Vita 3 is a compromise only in terms of size, but the ideal solution for those who can not accommodate a floorstanding speaker. It is also equipped with a 170 mm bass-midrange driver made of Heco's famous long-fiber "kraft paper", which combines low weight with high stability. In the bass range, this extends down to an impressive 30 Hz; upwards, the Fluktus tweeter with its silk composite material is also capable of reproducing frequencies up to 43 kHz. The In Vita 3 can also be combined with an active subwoofer, of course. Thanks to the 170 mm bass-midrange driver, the sturdy MDF cabinet of the In Vita is also only 205 mm wide and offers perfect proportions with a height of 377 mm. Baffle and top are finished in high-gloss, optionally black or white lacquer, the side panels take up the respective housing color in a matte variant. Despite the compact dimensions, each In Vita 3 weighs in at a hefty 9.1 kilos, another indication of the high-quality workmanship. Details such as the flow-optimized bass reflex tubes on both sides prove the attention to detail and the crossover equipped with the highest quality components allows a switchable tweeter adjustment of + 2 dB. The connection terminal is prepared for bi-wiring and bi-amping and thus allows a variety of operating options for the ambitious hi-fi fan.
In Vita 9
The In Vita 9 is the perfect choice for the audiophile music fan who wants to enjoy the full frequency spectrum. With its three woofers, it covers the frequency spectrum down to 23 Hz. There should hardly be any wishes left unfulfilled, and if there are, they can be fulfilled with an active subwoofer. At the other end of the scale, the Silk Compound tweeter in the distinctive Fluktus front panel typical of Heco plays up to 43 kHz without distortion.  The timeless, slim cabinet with a height of 1150 mm stands on stable base crossbars made of aluminum and can be set up precisely and securely with the height-adjustable cone spikes made of solid aluminum. A decoupling rubber version is included for sensitive floors. The impressive workmanship of the case with its combination of high-gloss paint on the front and top as well as matte side panels is also manifested in the weight of 27.7 kg each.  The constructive effort is also reflected in the crossover. This is amplitude and phase optimized and offers a switchable high-frequency boost of 2 dB. The connection terminal, gold-plated and encapsulated, enables bi-amping and bi-wiring, i.e. the control of the high and low/mid ranges with different amplifiers and/or cables.  

Proven components at the cutting edge
Naturally, the Invicta features a latest-generation tweeter. The striking Fluktus geometry of the front panel houses a 28 mm Silk Compound dome. Behind this sits the powerful drive unit, which is extremely resilient thanks to the powerful dual magnet system and ferrofluid cooling. The woofers and mid-bass drivers, with their lightweight long-fiber cones made of Heco's already legendary Kraft paper, feature an elegant, low-profile dust cap made of the same material.

A long-throw surround and heavy-duty voice coil are the basis for the low distortion that the Invicta series is designed to achieve. The stable and aerodynamically shaped aluminum basket documents the value of the materials used at every touch and avoids turbulence inside the cabinet.

The design: Minimalist and noble
The solid cabinets made of low-resonance MDF are designed to be extremely stable. The front and top are each painted in high-gloss. The side panels in matching matte lacquer give the Invictas an exclusive look and a timeless appearance. The solid base plate picks up the high-gloss lacquer finish and gives the series special stability in addition to its appearance.

The removable front cover made of acoustic fabric is of course invisibly attached with magnets. So the look remains flawless even when the fabric is removed. What remains is the question of the preferred color, because the Invicta is available in classic black as well as in elegant white.

Heco Invicta - as floorstanding or bookshelf loudspeaker
The best sound should not be limited by the space available. That's why the Invicta is available as a floorstanding or bookshelf speaker. Both designs share the elegant width of 205 mm thanks to the 170mm bass and mid-bass drivers, which means they are narrower than a sheet of A4 paper. The Invicta 3, the shelf speaker, is 377 mm high, the floorstanding model Invicta 9 brings it to 1150 mm including the base - both absolute dream dimensions. If you like, you can of course add one of our active subwoofers to both versions to enjoy even more and more precise bass.

Typical Heco, also in terms of pricing

Pure music, that's what the new Invicta stands for with all its qualities. Whether as a shelf or floorstanding loudspeaker - the combination of our technical highlights with a timeless look makes this series a real highlight for anyone who wants acoustic sensitivity combined with uncompromising performance at an unbeatable price. When, if not now?
Proven components at the cutting edge